Our Services

EPS the one stop resource for local authority foster care equipment.

All goods are delivered to the foster carer's home ready for use. This is all included in the price of the goods. Our goods conform to British Standard specifications.

Adopting a Best Value approach our aim is to supply furniture, bedding and other supplies to service providers at a competitive price and quality. Every customer is individual and we will endeavour to provide tailor made services to local authorities. The company aims to offer excellent value through its products and to continually evaluate those services.

What we offer

  • Best Value Approach including Evaluation of Service data
  • Quality products at competitive prices
  • Next day delivery on most items
  • Goods delivered by our trained staff

Quality of Service

To demonstrate our commitment to providing a high quality service sensitive to the needs of the customer, EPS has developed an evaluation data service. Foster Carers are requested to complete a brief form on delivery or asked to respond to a random telephone survey. EPS can supply statistics on customer satisfaction levels. By constant monitoring EPS can ensure that problems are picked up early and dealt with promptly.

If the authority requires an item that is not on our stock list don't forget EPS will endeavour to get it for you. Try us first!